Relaxed and Cool

El trend del momento es ir relajada con tus tenis, y en mi opinión puedes llevarlos de cualquier marca y estilo, el punto es que el outfit lleve tu toque persona, a mi me encanto el estilo cool y relajado de esta chica, un outfit perfecto para dominguear por el centro de tu ciudad.
The trend of the moment is to be relaxed with your sneakers, and in my opinion, you can wear any brand and style, the point is that the outfit has your personal touch, I loved the cool and relaxed style of this girl, a perfect outfit for walking around your city in a sunday morning.


  1. So very relaxed yet lovely - great Sunday outfit.

  2. Indeed! Such a relaxing and comfy outfit. Perfect for summer.
    Looking for a head-to-toe knitwear brand with modern-day appeal check out > White + Warren .

    Have a great day! B-)


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