Minerva Fashion 2011 2da Parte


Tomé muchísimas fotos en Minerva Fashion 2011, y para mi lo ideal sería ponerlas todas, pero dios si que son muchas!
sin duda este evento nos dio un gran adelanto de lo que viene para la próxima temporada Primavera-Verano 2012

Well I took a lot pictures but I can not publish everything that's what I wish...but anyway I chose the best  ones, so I hope you like it, definitely will provide you a really good idea about the next Spring-Summer 2012


Daniel Andrade y Diego Torreblanca en Zapatos

Alfredo Martinez Collection y Velika en Zapatos

Andre Badi collection

Celebrity Skin Collection by Dimitris Strepkos/ Eleni Mparla


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  1. What a great fashion show!! I saw a leather jacket that would be perfect for me!!!


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